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We Can fix Anything!

Regardless of what kinf of computer you have or debugging you need, we can sort it out! We can fix web servers, home computers, and all sorts of computer devices. We also help configure web servers and set up web hosting for all kinds of companies, including small businesses.

We specialize in PC debugging and setup, but we do all sorts of different things when it comes to PCs and hardware. Whatever your needs are, we're able to help you with different kinds of PC problems including:
  • Web server setup and configuration
  • PC setup, repair, and debugging
  • New PC building, including custom builds
  • Software installation and configuration

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About Us
We are a computer programming and debugging software company that specialized in debugging, setup, and maintenance of computers. We are able to ensure that no matter what happens, we put our customers first and provide the best service possible!
5th August
We're now offering support for Macs and other Apple products. Previously we've stuck to working with Windows and Microsoft products, but that has changed and we not also work with Apple products.
10th August
We have a special on software installation. If you want to upgrade to a newer version of some of the software on your computer but don't have the technical know-how, we've got you covered!

Services &Support

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No matter what time of day it is, we've always got someone online who can help you! We support all of our work 24/7 unlike most of our competitors, so when you hire us to perform services on your computer, you can be confident that you're getting the best service and prices around!
Call Us : (208) 755 4089